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Construction Industry in Productivity Area

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The companies in the construction industry need to find effective ways of maximizing productivity. Due poem to Fulford and Craig, high productivity leads to gaining larger capital, hence, to increasing standards of living. Precisely, the beneficiaries shall afford quality health care, better education, excellent infrastructure such as roads, and improved environmental standards. Some of the efficient ways of the construction industry maximizing productivity include developing a culture  among poetry writing service  for high productivity, housekeeping and earned value reporting. On the one hand, developing a culture of high productivity shall be significant to ensure the construction site safety , proper preparation, planning, and accountability at all phases of the construction project. On the other hand, adequate housekeeping shall ensure keeping appropriate level of materials necessary to achieve the best safety standards in the construction industry. Housekeeping shall also assure the construction site orderliness, such as the workers do not struggle against locating critical tools. Finally, regular cost reporting shall be vital in tracking costs to confirm the system’s improving and the company’s receiving its value for money. Therefore, finding the earned value shall be established if the project is behind the schedule or worth the costs, thus, applying the best correction data. The culture of high productivity, housekeeping and regular cost reporting, therefore, shall be effective ways of maximizing productivity.

Most of the managers and companies claim that improving the employee performance is a significant way of increasing productivity in the construction industry. Truly, Arashpour et al. Established managing the employee dissatisfaction and improving worker’s management can help improve their productivity. Job dissatisfaction in companies is connected with the reduction of salaries, hence, the employees find it difficult to pay their bills with their meager incomes despite working long hours. Due to the expanses on health insurance and food ballooning every day, underpayment of the workers remains to be the most single cause of employee job dissatisfaction. Therefore, managers need to draw reasonable payment schedules, with which the employees shall derive pleasure from trading on their skills. Moreover, job dissatisfaction about the company’s is connected with the micromanagement, sapping the worker energy and leading to work apathy. Therefore, instead of micromanaging the employees, the managers need to encourage the workers, providingan elaborate communication system, necessary for putting every employee on board (Arashpour et al. 6). Lack of confidence in the company’s leadership contributes to poor management and overall low productivity. Therefore, total addressing to these concerns shall ensure the improved productivity, due to every employee working to the best of their abilities and achieving generous benefits from the process.

The construction industry is, however, complex. Most of the activities are conducted with machines ranging from small tools to sophisticated computer systems. Therefore, investing in the construction equipment and systems is a vital process for achieving productivity. Keeping the equipment updated ensures the construction sites to possess the best apparatus in the market. The approach shall lower cases of machine breakdown, resulting in the reduced productivity. Moreover, keeping updated equipment shall increase productivity at rather lower costs, since innovations improve the working experience. Besides, updating the company’s systems is vital to productivity. Electronic devices come with a lifespan, and continuous utilization reduces their effectiveness in book, accounts, employee records, performance, and materials recording. Therefore, upgrading the computer or the electronic systems is tantamount to increase the system efficiency with retrieving and tracking the employee’s performance. Thus, upgrading the systems shall assist in the companies’ using the best design software, capable of producing effective plans to meet the current market demands, and also project tracking to provide with personnel and material resources are utilized in the most appropriate ways.


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